Age 33 - Creative Savant, Serial Entrepreneur, Father of 2

Jonathan has dedicated over a decade of senior design, art direction, and brand strategy. From Consulting Design, Sourcing, Production, Sales and Marketing are just some of the services his firm offers. As a puritan style renaissance artist; Jonathan believes that his customer oriented, ethical, ecological, political and most of all honest work is what will make a difference when conveyed to the most important person, the consumer, and through that he believes world change is possible.

• Didn’t Graduate anything or anywhere.

• Considers himself blessed.



age 38 - Serial Entrepreneur, Father of 2

Parth started his first business at the age of 22 in his parents’ basement in the year 2002. The business was a men’s shirt brand which Parth successfully built from the ground up. He eventually placed the brand into most major department stores. The recession of 2008 forced Parth to pivot his focus to the online space. Since then he has successfully launched and operated 19 product based brands and continues to innovate. His expertise is starting brands from scratch, bringing them to market, and then operating them in a lean and efficient manner. Additionally, Parth has worked as a consultant to help launch brands for clients. He has vast experience in sourcing, warehouse management, and overseeing company operations.

• Graduated Cum Laude from Georgetown University in 2002 with Majors in Finance & Accounting, and a Minor in Economics.

• Interned or Deloitte & Touche, Bear Stearns, and UBS Warburg.

An Alibaba Case Study on Parth's Business can be seen Here.



Age 26 - Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Burrito Enthusiast

Michael Filippi is a creator of things and doer of stuff. He has been creating films his entire life and has been doing it professionally for just over three years. Having worked on over 200 different projects with some truly incredible people (including Eric Clapton music videos, ESPN promos, and Aussie Hair commercials), he has gained the abilities needed to create amazing content under any circumstances. Directing is his passion, but he is a firm believer that knowing all sides of production is crucial to being a good filmmaker. This has driven him to learn everything he can, from screenplays, story-boarding, and casting to cinematography, acting, and editing. Aside from film, Michael enjoys woodworking, drawing, astrophotography, and eating burritos.

• Michael is entirely self taught, believing that in film, doing is the best way to learn.



age 23 - 3D Designer, Youngest of 4.5

Christopher is a 3D-Artist/designer who is well versed in many programs such as Autodesk Maya as well as the Adobe Suite. He has incorporated his knowledge of 3D modeling into his art to create unique and visually striking designs and animations. Chris has worked for a variety of clients that range from music producers to passionate gamers and game developers.

Received BA in Art from California State University Northridge