Don't chase your market, make your market.


General Outline /

This document outlines the steps necessary to achieve Online (vertical) sales of overage production on low M.O.Q. In order to build a brand with honesty and integrity, we believe it will take more than just going from a solid concept, decent product, brand name and the possibility of a sale. We recommend using the following modern-traditionalist method of building a brand that is not only broad in distribution but deep in following:

*Allocated product made to order specifically for major wholesale accounts.
*Special low M.O.Q. orders cut for boutique and e-commerce sales.
*Collaboration, Private label generated through import & domestic sample lines.
*Specific SMU projects e.g. “Your bandand” USA for Kohls”

Pursuing sales channels paired with targeted product is a path taken by many brands seeking to establish core followings and for most brands already marketing and selling to the authenticity-seeking Millennial Generation.  We know this strategic design and business strategy works, and we want it to work for.

Social Marketing budget is based solely on a case by case basis.
on Average a budget of $1000-$1,500 a month goes into social media support, social media content assistance, social media management (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc.).


Contingency fee
Flat fee
Flat fee plus contingency fee
Hourly with estimated time plus contingency fee
Consultation fee
Free Consultation

Contingency costs cover elements of the project not covered by the contract and may include:
• Rush charges for projects with quick deadlines.
• Charges for changes to the project outside the contractually defined scope.


Examples of Hourly Costing / This is usually the most appropriate type of compensation for consultancy work.
Total rate = $75, 000 (Discounted rate) X 1.25 (over-head cost) = $93,750.
Daily rate = $93,750 / 220 workdays= $426.13.
Hourly rate = $426.13/8 hourly = $53.25.

*Unless specified business hours are typically 10am to 6pm.
*A cost estimate/proposal for the project, based on the hourly rate, will be submitted 3 business days after the initial consultation and/or project specifications are finalized.


After deposit(s) the balance to be paid no more then 3 business days upon competition and/or bi-monthly on the 15th & the 30th of each month in installments of $2,000.00

*With No More Then Two Design Changes And/or Updates.
*This Does Not Cover Production Cost And/or Out-sourced Services.
*50% Deposits Required.


Expenses are incurred when the project requires use of materials or vendors other than the work performed by creative objectives.

*Color proofs, film and other pre-press production items
*Photos and film development
*Stock Photo and/or Clip art purchases specifically related to the project
*Full Package and/or Textiles purchases (usually included in printing costs)
*Print coordination fees and job pickup/delivery costs
*Web Site Hosting & Domain Name Registration fees
*Sub-contracting & other vendor costs